Expert Picks: Guide to Golf in South West Ireland

Oliver from our marketing team sits lanugo to talk to two of our Golf Experts, Chris Alexander & Charlie Corner well-nigh the golf courses they got to play on a recent trip to South West Ireland.

What was the weightier golf undertow you played?

❝ As good as all the courses were my favourite was Tralee, expressly the front nine. It was just stunning with picturesque views everywhere you looked. ❞

❝ Similar to Chris i think that front nine at Tralee is just next level. Expressly the third hole, the one without the dogleg par 5, you have the sea on the right and an old towers behnd the green, its veritably stunning. ❞

❝ So we have two votes for Tralee, I’m unquestionably going to pick Ballybunion, that may well be becuase Keith & I won round there. I really like archetype links like a Royal St George’s & Muirfield, you they have been there for centuries. ❞

Find out increasingly well-nigh golf in South West Ireland

If you could only play one undertow on your return, which one would it be?

❝ I would probably segregate Ballybunion to play then just considering of how epic it was. You’ve got some 50ft plus upper dunes & the layout of the undertow is just impeccable. ❞

❝ I would pick Ballybunion too, you can play it 100 times and not get bored. There are so many variegated holes carved through the dunes with so many variegated ways to play it. ❞

❝ I would love to take some people when to Tralee, I’ve played courses like Pebble Beach, Kauri Cliffs, impressive visual courses and Tralee is right up there with those. ❞

Let us take the hassle out of a golf trip to South West Ireland

What was the most surprising thing well-nigh the trip to Ireland?

❝ Well if you’re talking well-nigh golf in Ireland, then the weather is one thing we were very lucky with, it’s obviously uncontrollable but we were blessed. The scenery is just incredible as well, plane the little ferry that we got on our way from Doonbeg lanugo to Tralee was just huge fun. You have got a huge value of water on show and moreover the mountains, it is a lovely place to go. ❞

Mountain Views from Tralee Golf Course

❝ For me it is the golf culture, it’s just so much increasingly ingrained into the culture than I think it is anywhere else. Everyone just wants to yack to you well-nigh golf, which is quite unique and based on the golf courses they’ve got no wonder. They are so good there seems to be a golf undertow every couple of miles so that was the thing that got me well-nigh Ireland. It’s just golf crazy, golf mad and no wonder considering the courses are so good. With the views on each slum you think can this get largest and it does, I would love to do then it’s just the next level. ❞

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❝ There are times when you might be a bit embarrassed to be a golfer, I’ve certainly had that at times in my life, but in Ireland, you can be unashamedly golf. Expressly in South West Ireland it is such a big thing for that part of the world. I was amazed by the condition of the courses, I midpoint Doonbeg, I’m not sure I’ve seen a higher level of untried keeper on the golf course. The condition and the standards they’re upholding are just amazing, the fairways are as good as any you’ve overly seen and the greens are like lightning. I think that there’s so much superintendency and sustentation into the course, the sustentation to detail is second to none.

I think the whole service offering that we had at those three golf courses was just flipside level. They’re a premium but when you squint at how unconfined the welcome was and it felt like everyone had gone out of their way for us. We were just a normal group of golfers much the same as the people in front and overdue but we got an wondrous five-star experience. That is something that really stood out for me and that was something that was perhaps increasingly surprising, not expecting the level of hospitality we got. ❞

Trump International Golf Links & Hotel Doonbeg

What would be the golf trip you’d recommend to a group of mixed skilled golfers?

❝ You really want to unbend for all so if I was to go with my friends I would wiring them in Killarney. I don’t know how many bars and pubs there were within a one-mile radius but that would definitely be my recommendation. It is only an hour’s momentum up to Ballybunion so you can tick off one of those courses, it is certainly worth the trip.

Killarney Golf & Fishing Club is happy with two golf courses Mahony’s Point and the championship undertow Killeen. We weren’t worldly-wise to play them but if I was going when there I would stay in Killarney and play at least one round on-site then tick off Tralee or Ballybunion or make the momentum up to a Doonbeg, it’s certainly worth it. ❞

Killarney Golf & Fishing Club

❝ I’ve got some friends who just picked up the game and like Chris I would either stay at Killarney or stay in the town where Alan from our US visitor Premier Golf showed us around. Maybe play a couple of rounds at Killarney because, for a mixed handicap group, I would probably stay well-spoken of Ballybunion. If you miss the fairways there then that’s your score gone, I think Tralee is a little bit increasingly forgiving off the tee, expressly on the front nine. ❞

❝ I’m going to stipulate with Killarney, it’s a hugely popular place and is somewhere I would recommend if you want unconfined supplies with unconfined bars & pubs. McSweeney’s, which was Alan’s favourite, has the weightier pint in Killarney apparently.

I just wanted to talk well-nigh Doonbeg and the whole of the resort. The walk-up is amazing, it’s really first class, expressly if you’re travelling as a group. We were traveling as a four so we got one of the rooms opposite reception which was a Norman Suite. It has a really nice living room area, and a kitchen with a coffee machine, which is really important for me.

I just couldn’t believe the clubhouse, it felt like you were going when to an old oak-paneled Clubhouse from the likes of Muirfield. That pint of Guinness when we got there, the bar was still really busy, guys in there having a lot of fun and I just kind of think that sort of place for the resort links wits is really nonflexible to beat. There are at least five tees at Doonbeg so then if you’ve got that mixed handicap group just pick a tee. ❞

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