Who Is The Best Tennis Players of All Time?

Who is the best men's tennis player ever? It's been an interesting issue on visit throughout recent years and for good explanation. This is and has been the brilliant period of men's tennis.

The three best players who at any point lived have been playing for a significant part of the most recent twenty years. Those players are Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and the as of late resigned Roger Federer. Yet, who is the best tennis players of all time.

I'm very much aware that contrasting eras is hard. The hardware is unique; the cash is worthwhile; top players travel with physios; sustenance is unique, and so on. I likewise realize that Pole Laver won a Huge homerun or 2, Pete Sampras won 14 majors, players didn't actually begin playing at the Australian Open until the 80's, and so forth.

That multitude of contentions have some legitimacy, however to me, it's an easy decision: the three biggest tennis players that consistently lived are Federer, Nadal and Djokovic-and I don't believe it's begging to be proven wrong. Anyway, who is the best men's tennis player ever?


At the point when you look at these hard numbers you need to put a setting to them. Roger Federer, who is presently resigned, brought home his most memorable ATP championship in 2001; though Nadal won his first in 2004; and Djokovic 2006.

Federer had his most prevailing period from 2004-2007 where he won a crazy 11 huge homerun titles. Roger's most prominent strength was his mind blowing consistency diving deep into competitions.

While Nadal has combat wounds all through his profession, he has forever been amazingly reliable on dirt. He's won the French Open an unlimited multiple times tracing all the way back to 2005. Yet, his most predominant period was 2008-2010 where he won 6 majors and finished the vocation huge homerun.

Novak Djokovic had his originally expanded time of strength from 2011-2016 where he won 11 majors and was in 7 different finals. He not just finished the vocation huge homerun to match Federer and Nadal yet he additionally held every one of the four huge homerun titles simultaneously.

Something no one had done since Pole Laver won the huge homerun in 1969. I was in Paris to observe his 2016 Roland Garros prevail upon Andy Murray!

Eventually, significant titles will be to some degree close regardless of who winds up on top-in spite of the fact that it seems Djokovic is in post position as things as of now stand. So what truly separates these three greats are the straight on matchups, huge titles, weeks at #1 and year end #1. Those numbers might amaze you.

Djokovic vs Federer

Djokovic leads 27-23 in general, 14-6 in all Finals, 5-3 in Experts Finals and 4-1 in Huge homerun Finals. Federer's just hammer last win came in the 2007 US Open Last which was Djokovic's most memorable Huge homerun Last. Djokovic leads 11-6 in generally Huge homerun matches.

Furthermore Djokovic beat Federer multiple times in the Wimbledon last without losing one. This is critical in light of the fact that Federer is broadly viewed as the best grass court player of all time. However, he just beat Djokovic once at Wimbledon-a 2012 elimination round.

This contention has truly advanced after some time. Federer won by far most right off the bat when Djokovic was youthful and not yet settled as a serious danger. In any case, Djokovic overwhelmed somewhat recently. He took the no holds barred lead and all the more significantly won the greatest matches, the huge homerun finals.

While the greater part of their matches throughout the years were extremely aggressive, none were superior to the 2019 Wimbledon last. As I would see it, it's the best match I've at any point seen. Eventually, Djokovic won as he has so frequently in the greatest matches versus Federer.

Djokovic vs Nadal

Djokovic leads 30-29 generally speaking, 15-13 in all Finals, they're tied 3-3 in Experts Finals and Nadal leads 5-4 in Huge homerun Finals. Novak has beaten Nadal in each of the 4 Huge homeruns including Roland Garros two times where Nadal has come out on top for 14 championships and just lost 3 matches starting around 2005.

Nadal drives Djokovic 8-2 generally at the French yet just 2 men have at any point beaten him in Paris. Federer never beat Nadal at the French Open in 6 potential open doors 4 finals alongside two elimination rounds.

What to know who is best tennis players of all time?

These are maybe the most engaging matches throughout the entire existence of tennis. I've been lucky to observe a few face to face. The most intriguing thing with regards to this contention is that Nadal leads on earth 20-8. 8 misfortunes to Djokovic is more on mud than Federer, Murray, Wawrinka and fundamentally every other person joined.

These two people play a comparative style of benchmark counter-punching. This has delivered the absolute most prominent matches in tennis history. Their 2012, almost 6-hour Australian Open last to me is one of the best 2-3 biggest matches at any point played-clearly the most actual match I've at any point seen. Each match is a fight. We've been fortunate to observe such significance on court together. I truly want to believe that we get another matchup before it's finished.

Nadal vs Federer

Nadal leads 24-16 by and large, 14-10 in all Finals, 7-5 in Bosses Finals and 6-3 in Huge homerun Finals. Rafa beat Federer in Finals in Australia, Roland Garros and Wimbledon. Federer beat him in Australia and Wimbledon two times. Roger was 0-6 at the French; just 2-7 in all mud Finals; and 2-14 generally on mud.

This is an intense one for any Federer fan to swallow. Nadal claimed Federer throughout the long term. Indeed Roger won a few of the later matches to limit the hole a little. Be that as it may, his failure to beat Rafa on mud; never beating him in Paris; never at any point taking him to 5 sets at Roland Garros-certainly harms his case.

These two have played some extraordinary matches throughout the long term; remembering 5 sets for the 2007 and 2008 Wimbledon last. The 2008 match is generally viewed as the best match of all time. Their 2009 and 2017 Australian Open finals were additionally perfect. Furthermore, they've had a few incredible Experts matches. The 2006 Rome last was astonishing, albeit eventually, not surprisingly, Nadal won on mud.

Novak Djokovic faced the music from Federer and Nadal right off the bat in his profession. He learned, stood by without complaining and afterward dominated. His pinnacle was and is superior to any player-ever.

All the more critically, he wins finals against his greatest adversaries. He is 30-20 in all finals against Federer and Nadal; has a triumphant record against them both; has beaten Federer at Wimbledon multiple times in the last and has beaten Rafa two times at Roland Garros. In addition, Djokovic is the main player to win the vocation huge homerun multiple times.

Furthermore, he is the main individual ever to win each of the 9 Experts 1000 occasions and he's done it two times. He is the unsurpassed pioneer at weeks at #1 by over 2 years-and then some. Besides, he's the most youthful of the gathering and he's not finished at this point. Notwithstanding injury, he'll add more titles to proceed with his attack on history.

It merits bringing up he was likewise denied of a shot at Wimbledon in 2020 where he was the 2 time reigning champ in view of Coronavirus. Also, the embarrassing Australian Open 2022 immunization disaster where he was confined and incapable to shield his 3 sequential titles indeed.

He was likewise the casualty of an idiotic (on his part) default at the US Open in 2020 and not permitted to contend in the 2022 US Open as a result of his immunization status also various Experts occasions in North America. It would be difficult to contend he could not have possibly succeeded no less than 1-2 of those majors given his level at that point.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Who Is the Number 1 Tennis Player in History?

Novak Djokovic has spent the most weeks as world No. 1, a record complete 428 weeks. Roger Federer has a record 237 sequential weeks at No. 1. Djokovic additionally holds the record for the most year-end No. 1 wraps up, accomplishing the accomplishment for a very long time (counting the pandemic-abbreviated season).

How Wealthy Is Roger Federer?

Federer has won $130 million in prize cash in his vocation, however the absolute is overshadowed by his off-court profit from appearances and supports. The tennis legend's greatest payday yet may come from his stake in Swiss athletic clothing organization On, which opened up to the world in September 2021.

Who Is the Greatest of All Time in Men’s Tennis?

Roger Federer is generally viewed as one of the best tennis players ever. His rich style of play and easy shot-production have charmed fans all over the planet. With 20 Huge homerun titles to his name, Federer has ruled the game for north of 10 years.

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