Nets Rookie Day’Ron Sharpe Goes Apartment Shopping.

Day’Ron Sharpe, the 29th overall pick in this year’s N.B.A. draft, is making himself at home in New York as he gets ready for his first season alongside the Nets’ big stars. Day’Ron Sharpe ducked his head under the doorway instinctively and scanned his eyes across the apartment. Its shape was

‘Golfing Heaven’ in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides

This article is part of our latest special report on International Golf Homes, about some of the top spots to live and play. It was his love of fishing that would change Gordon Irvine’s life. In 2005, the golf course consultant, who lives in Ayrshire, Scotland, was casting about for a

El Salvador's Secret Weapon: a Fan and His Computer

The revival of El Salvador’s soccer team is a tribute to better organization, coaching and talent. But it also owes a debt to a fan with a gift for scouting. SAN SALVADOR — For more than a decade, Hugo Alvarado scoured the internet for soccer players who might improve El Salvador’s

Everton's Women Are 'Not Shy About Being Ambitious'

A series of changes, big and small, has a strengthened Everton believing it can hold its own with deep-pocketed rivals in England’s Women’s Super League. LIVERPOOL, England — Some of the changes have been small, so small as to be imperceptible, at least from the outside. This summer, for the first