Stefanos Tsitsipas Adds to His Story

In 2018, Stefanos Tsitsipas was hailed as the future of men’s tennis when, at 20, he won the ATP’s Next Gen Finals for players 21 and under. Last year, the first time he qualified, Tsitsipas won the ATP Finals, becoming the youngest champion since Lleyton Hewitt at 20 in 2001. In

Bryson DeChambeau’s Golf Revolution Turns Toward the Masters

Asked about his childhood as he stood on the practice range at a golf tournament in Connecticut this summer, Bryson DeChambeau said his overriding memory was a conviction that a nonconformist would eventually get more done. “Even as a little boy, I always questioned everything,” said a smiling DeChambeau, whose eccentric,

There Is No Such Thing as a Bad Player

Patrick Bamford bounced around for a long time, the sodium glow of his youthful promise fading in the shadows of all those blind alleys. A few months at Crystal Palace, when he did not start a game, and a spell at Norwich City, where he failed to convince his manager he