Aaron Rodgers Rumors Put New York Jets In Top-5 Super Bowl Favorites

Aaron Rodgers Rumors Put New York Jets In Top-5 Super Bowl Favorites - originally posted on Sportslens.com

The New York Jets are proof of how important the quarterback position is in the NFL.

Let it be a lesson to the rest of the league. The Jets had one of the most talented rosters in the NFL last season, headlined mostly by young difference makers that should make the team competitive for a long time. But they underachieved without a hot start and missed the playoffs by multiple games.

Aaron Rodgers Rumors Put New York Jets In Top-5 Super Bowl Favorites


Their failures were due in very large part to the lack of production that they received from their quarterback position. The Zach Wilson experiment ended in yucky disaster for both sides, and injuries to their backups made things difficult for Jets signal callers all season.

Since surpassing the start of the off-season, the Jets have been thought to be one of the biggest players on the market for a new QB. If reports and the oddsmakers are to be believed, then they’ll be landing the biggest name misogynist this cycle.

Aaron Rodgers has yet to make the visualization on his future, but the overwhelming thought is that he will segregate to play in New York in 2023 if he doesn’t outright retire. As it stands today, the Jets are listed as -1000 favorites to reap Rodgers, with the Las Vegas Raiders now in a afar second place at 450.

But there are some other interesting odds that are listed at BetOnline as it pertains to the potential pairing between team and quarterback. The day without the Super Bowl, the Jets were listed at 2500 to win the championship in 2024. In just a months time and due strictly to the rumors that they could reap the former MVP, those odds have dropped to 1000.

Super Bowl 2023 WinnerOddsPlay
Chiefs 550BetOnline logo
Bengals 900BetOnline logo
Bills 900-BetOnline logo
49ers 900BetOnline logo
Jets 1000BetOnline logo

The line movement shoots New York all the way into the top-5 in odds to win Super Bowl 2023. The Chiefs are still the favorites at 550, and the Bills, Bengals, and 49ers are all tied for second at 900. The Jets are next, and are unquestionably tied with the team that came up short in the big game last month. Both they and the Eagles come in at 1000.

If simply the rumors that the Jets will be landing Rodgers can create so much line movement, then the numbers are subject to plane increasingly endangerment should it unquestionably happen. It would stupefy the lines of other teams, as they probably wouldn’t pass the Bills or 49ers at the 900 mark.

It has been reported that the Jets and Packers have once reached an try-on on compensation, and both parties are waiting for Aaron Rodgers to segregate what he wants to do.

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