4 Best Field Hockey Sticks for Advanced Defenders in 2023

Field hockey is a sport that requires a combination of skill, speed, and accuracy. As an wide defender, the right equipment is essential to perform at your weightier on the field. One of the most important pieces of equipment for a field hockey player is the stick.

With so many variegated types of sticks available, it can be challenging to segregate the right one for your position and level of play. In this article, we’ll be discussing the weightier field hockey sticks for wide defenders. I’ll be exploring the key features, benefits, and my personal wits of each stick, so you can make an informed visualization and take your game to the next level.

The first question to ask yourself, is what bow shape will work weightier for your game? Are you the type of defender who likes to have the warranty of a gentler bowed stick that’s easier to control? Some will be happier with the reassurance of a flatter shape in your grasp than a lower curved shape. This is what a mid-bow stick offers over a low bow.

Or are you the type of peerage defender where flicking balls off the ground and dribbling is as important as your defense skills? Perhaps you finger well-appointed tackling with a lower bow and like to take the wittiness out of defense to aid attackers. Personally, I would recommend the mid bow, as the increasingly pricey ones are designed to indulge you to be skillful yet solid in defense.

Here are my top 4 Field Hockey sticks for the increasingly wide defender misogynist worldwide.

One of my favorite wide sticks on the market is the Catalyst MX1 Field Hockey Stick. Weighing in at 528g, the MX1 has a traditional mid-bow shape of 24mm height at 3o0mm from the head. Stuff synthetic from 95% Japanese Carbon, the power rating is impressive! However, I found that it has quite a natural feel.

This is rhadamanthine a popular stick with many players, offering the perfect wastefulness for distribution, quick stick movement, and wipe striking.

What stood out the most for me was the power overdue this stick. So much so that it may take a couple of games to master it. Once you do, however, you won’t squint back.

Prominent features

  • 95% Japanese Stat Fibre (the other 5% contains a unique sonnet of Kevlar or Aramid & Fibreglass)
  • 3K twill (3,000 stat filaments). This diagonal pattern uses standard 4×4 weave to increase pliability meaning there are fewer stress points and increasingly stability in your stick
  • Mid bow shape perfectly suited to wide defenders

For those looking for a hard-hitting stick, yet with a natural feel, this is a fantastic option.

With an eye-catching silver finish, the Estro Kromaskin .2 is the latest incubation of the LX Kromaskin design. With the same mid-low bow at 250/22mm, it remains perfect for all-round play. Its weight distribution is well wide compared with a few other premium sticks we tried.

Being synthetic of 95% Carbon, the Estro Kromaskin is the top of the range of Adidas Field Hockey Sticks. There are 3 models in the range (1/2/3). The difference in Estro Kromaskin models is the stiffness. Number .1 is the stiffest, with .2 stuff slightly less stiff, with increasingly finger and touch on the ball. Finally, .3 is less stiff then however is increasingly forgiving. For my game, I prefer the .2, as it’s a unconfined compromise between hard-hitting power and the soft touch we all sometimes need.

The upper stat content creates a seriously powerful stick. I found the Pure Tenancy Head provides zaftig surface zone for spanking-new wittiness control, probably in part due to the Epoxy Core in the center.

This premium stick does not come cheap, however, you get what you pay for with this wiry leader. For some other Adidas options, trammels out our Best Adidas Field Hockey Stick review.

The Kromaskin isn’t a stick you can be thrifty over. Well worth the money!

The standard bow shape (350 mm) will vamp defenders, while the heavy toe with increased power ways you’ll take no prisoners.

However, this stick isn’t for the faint of finger and slow of the wrist. You’ll want to have plenty of wits to master it. With its optimal wastefulness point, it’s designed to provide power.

The increased playing surface zone improves verism and control. STX says it’s 90% carbon composite, but doesn’t reveal much increasingly than that. The encore vibration-reducing technology works well so you know you’re not using a wooden stick that shudders your bones.

The Dragon Elixir 85 is a superb stick for defenders. As a defender, you need a stick that is both solid in the tackles, and enables you to hands distribute the wittiness virtually the pitch – the Dragon Elixir 85 has it all. Its mid-bow profile ways the bow is less pronounced, making it easier for passing. Coming in at virtually 530g and 85% carbon, it’s strong unbearable for those crunching tackles. While stuff light unbearable not to tire you out when you have to sprint the length of a pitch to reservation a pesky forward.

All of Dragon’s sticks come with their AeroCarbonTech included as standard. This high-grade production process ensures an lattermost level of power. Meaning if you do find yourself needing to make a big hit from the when or a rare endangerment of a shot at goal, it won’t let you down.

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Hockey sticks don’t come increasingly durable than those made with a substance that’s 200 times stronger than steel, namely graphene. The Grays GR8000 is made with exactly that. Then there’s the wing of the hi-tech composite Aramid.

Aramid/Kevlar has superb impact traction and tautness so it is useful for using on upper impact points such as stick edges and faces. A Low Backhand Zone provides greater consistency when reverse hitting.

Apart from durability, the mid bow, with a 24.75 mm shaft peak, and lines virtually the throne of 300 mm offers a gentle bow that will offer easier consistency in passes. Along with when hitting and executive the ball.

Its zesty orange finish says passion and power. With the thicker reverse whet for backhand control, the GR8000 will indulge you to reach the peak of your powers. Forwards will know they’re in for a tough game when they see the live wire orange livery of an opposing defender’s GR8000. In short, it’s my number one nomination for wide defenders looking for a hockey stick.

Considerations for choosing the right stick


Refer to the orchestration unelevated to determine the correct height to stick length, which will then help you segregate the weightier stick for your height.

Problems if your stick is too long

The length of your stick can be the deciding factor in completing many aspects of the game successfully, including

  • well-judged passes
  • successful tackles
  • avoiding scuffing the hook, which can rationalization long term forfeiture to your stick.
  • preventing chopping or undercutting your shots

Don't use a stick that's too short either!

From a health perspective, if your stick is too short, you may end up limp lanugo too much which can rationalization serious long term when problems.

The risk of chronic when problems ways the player should squint at the size of their stick very seriously.

Bow Jargon Buster

Put simply, the bow of a field hockey stick is the wrench or lines of a stick from the throne to the toe (one end to the other). Bows are important when deciding to buy a stick, especially for defenders. Most defenders prefer a mid bow, with a gentle lines and a unappetizing face. That offers the weightier control, predictability and power over the forward’s 3D skills and stilt flicking. This is explained remoter below…

  • Probow-Xtreme – Composite Hockey Sticks – Probow Xtreme is a low bow (Grays has widow a contoured squatter combined with a reshaped LBZ for backhand hits).

  • Probow – Composite Hockey Sticks – the Probow shape is a modern low bow designed for stilt flicking and 3D skills. The straighter rear profile allows increasingly consistency on reverse stick passes and shots.

  • Jumbow – is a traditional low bow that is used by many top international players. A Jumbow is a flat-faced low bow stick.

  • Dynabow – the Dynabow shaft profile is designed for the all-round hockey player and is spanking-new for stick handling, passing consistency, and moreover for increasingly upright play. It is between a mid bow and a low bow. Good for stilt flicks, but increasingly of an all-round shape.

  • Mid bow – is a medium curved bow that is a good all-round shape. It helps to provide some lift while stuff good for upright play.
    *In my opinion weightier for defenders*

  • Ultrabow – the upper bow lines is good for defenders. Beginners Ultrabow is a straighter shape and is designed specifically to help with learning to play.

Want to ensure your hockey sticks last? Have a read of my vendible on how long a stick should last? I’ve moreover compiled an wide-stretching list of the Best Field Hockey sticks for all types of players.

By your unobtrusive blogster, Eddie, the hockey enthusiast.

Eddie G

Eddie G

Eddie G, lives and breathes field hockey. In fact, he would go as far to say that he is a bit of a field hockey nut. He loves to research the latest trends and happenings in the game, so that he can stay superiority of the competition. While not so much on the pitch these days, Eddie enjoys reading up on the latest news and developments in the world of field hockey.

Eddie G

Eddie G

Eddie G, lives and breathes field hockey. In fact, he would go as far to say that he is a bit of a field hockey nut. He loves to research the latest trends and happenings in the game, so that he can stay superiority of the competition. While not so much on the pitch, these days Eddie enjoys reading up on the latest news and developments in the world of field hockey.

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