Ultimate Guide to Golf Breaks for Beginners


The ultimate guide to golf breaks for beginners. If you have just taken up the game of golf, you’ll find some unconfined tips and useful information on golf breaks & holidays that suit the novice golfer.

In 2017 there were 2.5 million British golfers, research led by The R&A together with England Golf, Golf Ireland, Scottish Golf and Wales Golf shows that 5.3 million sultana golfers enjoyed playing golf in Unconfined Britain and Ireland in 2021. There are a lot of golfers out there who are new to the game.



With golf seeing a tattoo in new players hitting the fairways, taking up the game as a unstudied hobby or looking to obtain a handicap and commit to stuff fully bitten by the golf bug. Golf is quickly rhadamanthine a sport increasingly people are opening their minds to!

For many, there is a steep learning lines to go from first swing on a driving range to a day on the course, but for those who wish to enjoy a couple of days yonder playing golf, we here at Your Golf Travel are here to help exploring which golf breaks are the weightier for beginners and can enable you to learn the skills to start developing your game.





In this blog, we have looked at some of the very weightier golf breaks that suit new golfers, from those with 9-hole golf courses to others that set up perfectly to introduce yourself to the game of golf, with spanking-new practice areas, golf lessons, the weightier driving ranges, enjoyable and friendly courses, and welcoming clubhouses and hotels.


What is a Golf Break?


A golf unravel is a holiday where you combine playing at a golf course, as well as staying yonder from home to enjoy a night or two in a hotel while moreover making use of restaurants, bars, and leisure facilities to suit your every need.

A golf unravel is a unconfined way to enjoy the game of golf and to learn increasingly well-nigh it. Golf resorts have spanking-new practice facilities and often offer unseemly golf lessons, so they are a perfect place for players who wish to modernize their game, as well as those who like to make the most of their time on the golf undertow just as much as they squint forward to relaxing during their time yonder from the fairways.


Types of Golf Breaks


So, you’ve just started to take up golf as a hobby. You’re toying in the game, hitting the wittiness virtually on the practice tee, and you’re starting to finger pretty good well-nigh it. So you decide to take your first golf break. You’re excited, and you’re sure you’re going to play like Tiger Woods, but you’re not. Why? Considering you’ve only had well-nigh 10 hours of practice. Why does this matter? Considering you need increasingly time on the course. But surpassing getting out on the undertow for the first time, you should know well-nigh the variegated types of golf breaks available.

Typically there are two variegated types of golf breaks misogynist for beginners, the first stuff one that is played virtually a shorter golf undertow or one that has a 9-hole undertow tying to the main 18-hole golf undertow that might be largest suited for increasingly experienced players.


Another popular type of golf unravel for beginner golfers includes tuition as part of the package, which enables you to learn golf tips from a qualified golf professional.

Golf lessons will requite you the opportunity to learn the vital golf skills you need to sooner enjoy a full 18-hole round of golf, and perhaps set your new weightier score ever. Of course, all of the whoopee on the golf undertow will be made all the increasingly enjoyable when you use your time yonder from the golf undertow to make use of the facilities of the golf resort which may include thermal spas, sport and leisure facilities and plane local attractions should you wish to explore new places.

Once you have learned the golf skills required to modernize your game, you’ll be ready to play on some of the weightier golf courses in the world, which luckily for us all, are ready and waiting to welcome you onto the first tee.





Best Golf Breaks for Beginners in the UK


For those who have finally decided to take up the game of golf, staying closer to home for your first golf unravel might be the way to go. From Cornwall’s south coast right up to the Highlands of Scotland, the UK is home to some of the weightier golf courses in the world and plenty of top-class stay & play golf resorts to boot.

While playing the world’s weightier golf courses is what we all aim for eventually, some of these may just be too difficult for beginner golfers. We all want to have fun when we’re playing golf, so which resorts, hotels and courses are the weightier for beginner golfers looking to throne off on their first golf break?

If heading up to Scotland, the spectacular Trump Turnberry resort is perfect for a beginner seeking some topnotch luxury on their trip. Admittedly the famed Ailsa Undertow might be a stretch too far but the spanking-new Wee Links undertow is the perfect place for a beginner to strop their skills while enjoying the stunning scenery afforded by the Ayrshire coastline.


Castlerock Golf Club

(Northern Ireland)

The Bann Undertow at Castletrock
Castlerock Golf Breaks

The Bann undertow is a fun 9 slum layout with some spectacular views out onto the River Bann and over to Donegal.


Trump Turnberry

(Ayrshire, Scotland)

Wee Links undertow at Trump Turnberry
Trump Turnberry Golf Breaks

The Wee Links Pitch and Putt undertow at Trump Turnberry is the perfect place to start your golf journey.


Woodbury Park

(Devon, England)

Acorns Undertow at Woodbury Park
Woodbury Park Golf Breaks

The 9-hole Acorns Undertow provides the perfect opportunity for a relaxing round for those still learning the game.


Foxhills Golf Resort

(Surrey, England)

The Manor Undertow at Foxhills
Foxhills Golf Breaks

Paul Casey cut his golfing teeth on the par-27 layout, which is perfect for sharpening the short game.


Dartmouth Golf Resort

(Devon, England)

The Dartmouth Undertow at Dartmouth
Dartmouth Golf Breaks

The par-66 Dartmouth Undertow is a increasingly relaxing and manageable test than its neighbour.



(Auchterarder, Scotland)

Wee Links at Gleneagles
Gleneagles Golf Breaks

The Wee Undertow at Gleneagles is a lovely little undertow that gives you every opportunity to work on your game and have fun.


Cameron House

(Ayrshire, Scotland)

Wee Demon Undertow at Cameron House
Cameron House Golf Breaks

A unconfined undertow for beginners as well as increasingly experienced players looking to strop their shorter game and putting skills


Rudding Park

(Yorkshire, England)

Repton Undertow at Rudding Park
Rudding Park Golf Breaks

The 6-hole Repton Short Undertow provides challenge, excitement, is a unconfined warm up and is perfect for beginners and pro golfers alike.


Sandford Springs

(Hampshire, England)

Sandford Springs
Sandford Springs Golf Breaks

A trio of superb 9-hole courses – The Park, The Wood and The Lakes – all are distinctly variegated and provide unconfined enjoyment.


Macdonald Portal

(Cheshire, England)

Arderne Undertow at Macdonald Portal
Macdonald Portal Golf Breaks

The Arderne Undertow at the Macdonald Portal Hotel is a 9-hole par 30 golf undertow and is a fantastic test of your short game.


Formby Hall

(Lancashire, England)

Woodhey Dunes Undertow at Formby Hall
Formby Hall Golf Breaks

An spanking-new par 3 course, which has often been described as the weightier in the UK, while still stuff a enjoyable challenge.


Trevose Golf Club

(Cornwall, England)

Short Courser at Trevose
Trevose Golf Breaks

Trevose’s Short Undertow is a trappy little nine-hole undertow that is platonic for beginners, juniors, or golfers looking for some light relief from the rigours of the Championship layout.


Best Golf Holidays for Beginners Abroad


If you fancy going remoter unsuitably with your new golf mates then there are places out there that have courses suitable for the beginner golfer. Let’s take a squint at the overseas resorts, hotels and courses that are the weightier for beginner golfers looking forward to their first golf holiday.


Penina Golf Resort

(Algarve, Portugal)

Academy Undertow at Penina
Penina Golf Holidays

The 9-hole par-35 Resort undertow and the plane shorter Academy Undertow provide golfers with the platonic opportunity to strop their skills.


Le Touquet

(Northern France)

Le Manoir Undertow at Le Touquet
Le Touquet Golf Holidays

The Manoir undertow is unconfined fun where plane the increasingly experienced golfer can work on their short game.


Gloria Golf Resort

(Belek, Turkey)

Gloria Verde Golf Course
Gloria Golf Holidays

Gloria Verde has two separate sets of tees for each untried and the peace and quiet of the short undertow makes it unconfined for beginners.


Amendoeira Resort

(Algarve, Portugal)

Amendoeira Academy Course
Amendoeira Golf Holidays

Have you overly played golf under floodlights? The par-3 Academy undertow is the perfect place to sharpen your scoring skills or to play with beginners in your group.


Villaitana Golf Resort

(Benidorm, Spain)

Villaitana Poniente Course
Villaitana Golf Holidays

The Poniente undertow is a trappy track for an evening game or for those newer to golf. With four tee box options and shorter holes it is perfect for a beginner.


Pine Cliffs

(Algarve, Portugal)

Pine Cliffs Golf Course
Pine Cliffs Golf Holidays

The undertow is unconfined for beginners but so is the Pine Cliffs Golf Academy which has a defended short game practice zone specifically designed to aid the beginner.


Golf Breaks can Modernize your Game


Just taken up the game and getting lessons from your local Pro?

Did you know you can work on improving your game while on holiday?

We have teamed up with Scott Cranfield to offer new golfers a golf holiday wits where you’ll discover how to take tuition of your own golf by learning the truth well-nigh how your mind and soul work in every zone from short game to the full swing.

These techniques will help dissolve the stress in your golf, uplift your confidence, and make playing golf fun again!

During the 3 Day Wits you will learn:

• The 3 ESSENTIAL and NATURAL movements that will transform your golf swing; reduce your risk of injury and cut out the need for lots of swing thoughts!
• NEW developments relating to the short game that will cure your nerves and uneasiness over pitch shots, tweedle shots and bunker shots!
• A ‘Quieter Mind’ that can only happen considering you will no longer need to worry well-nigh a long list of things to get right in your swing – they will happen naturally!
• Mental Game Secrets that will dissolve distractions in your mind, SHARPEN your focus & BOOST your confidence, GUARANTEEING largest performance!

How to Typesetting a Golf Break

Decide where to go on a golf holiday


This is, for obvious reasons, the biggest visualization you’ll make throughout the whole process, but don’t let that put you off. While it’s easiest to just blindly segregate one of the most popular destinations, sometimes that won’t meet your criteria, whatever that might be.

So, here are things to consider when choosing where to go on a golf holiday:


How much will a golf holiday cost?

Your destination will largely be unswayable by your budget, so it’s the weightier place to start. Of course, you are worldly-wise to get bargains in every corner of the globe, but let us requite you some guidelines…

UK Golf Breaks
Golf Breaks in the UK

As you might have guessed, staying closer to home is the cheapest option when it comes to booking a golf break, largely due to the reduced travel costs.

The eyeful well-nigh playing golf in the UK is the variety, in both style and price point, permitting you to have full control.

Some packages can see you spend a weekend at a golf resort, playing two rounds of golf and only spending £60. However, as with anything, if you want to wits the best, you’ll have to pay; Trump Turnberry, Gleneagles and the Old Undertow at St Andrews are examples of the upper echelon of UK golf.

If you’re wanting to alimony to a strict budget, trammels out our Best Golf Breaks under £100.

Golf Holidays in Europe
Golf Holidays in Europe

With the risk of listing out every European golf holiday in this paragraph, let’s alimony it to the most popular destination, of which the nomination is varied.

One thing that is unvarying though is the value for money; play at Ryder Cup courses like Le Golf National, throne to the weightier the Algarve has to offer or wits five-star luxury in southern Spain – all for under £300.

If you’re without a longer stay, rounds at increasingly premium golf courses or the nomination of vast golf holidays then these too are misogynist for as unseemly as £500 in destinations like Turkey and Morocco.

For some inspiration, take a squint at our list of the Best Courses in the Costa Del Sol.

Going Long Haul

America has regions like Florida and South Carolina which are populated with some of the most famous courses in the world, South Africa boasts venues like Pinnacle Point and Fancourt and then the Caribbean offers all-inclusive luxury in destinations like the Dominican Republic and Barbados.

The widow bonus of our long haul golf holidays is that many of them come with flights, leaving you with nothing else to focus on than your golf.


Decide when to go on a golf holiday


With price out the way, now you should think well-nigh when you want to travel, considering contributing factors like the weather, how rented the courses are and availability all transpiration depending on your travel dates.





The rule of thumb is usually that travelling during peak season you’ll wits the resorts at their very best, but pay a premium, while off-season will see you pay less but might not get the upper temperatures of the summer months.

Destinations like the Algarve and Andalucia goody from nearly 300 days of sunshine per year, which makes it easier to segregate your travel dates, while the unpredictability of the UK climate leaves many playing a guessing game outside of June, July and August.


Decide how long to go for

The final consideration for your destination nomination are the flight times. This may not seem the be all and end all of your holiday, but if you have a 10-hour flight each way for a four-day trip, you have to ask is it really worth it?

Of course, if you are flying, the weightier times are to victorious early morning and leave in the evening, giving your inrush and throw-away days unbearable time for golf, but with upkeep and practicality in mind, you may have to compromise.

My suggestion is that if you’re on a long loftiness flight, you stay for a longer period of time so you don’t finger like the majority of your getaway was spent on a plane and if it’s a shorter journey, get out there as early as possible and typesetting a late flight home.


Decide how to travel to your destination


Once you’ve chosen where you’re going, you need a ways of travel.

If you’re set on a flight inclusive package, then your mind is made up for you, much like a trip to many overseas destinations…but not all of them.

The exception to the rule is France, where many of our deals to magnificent venues like Le Touquet Golf and Golf D’Hardelot include Eurotunnel travel; taking just under 40 minutes to navigate the channel, this is an extremely affordable, user-friendly and popular way to wits some of Europe’s top courses.

In the UK, you have increasingly options but really are you going to travel on a train with your golf gear? We suggest driving yourself in the UK if a short to medium length journey, but if its a Southampton to Newcastle round trip, perhaps a domestic flight would be best.





Decide what walk-up options you would prefer

With the golf the top priority on golf holidays, and rightly so, it’s easy to neglect the importance of clean, practical and suitable accommodation.

For instance, it’s unlikely you’ll decide you want to stay in a hotel and then see which golf courses surround it, but instead the other way round.

That said, if you’re travelling in a large group, you may be increasingly well-appointed in a self-catering suite or villa than in an vast hotel? Destinations like Pestana Carvoeiro offer sunny self-catering villas at outrageously good prices, while El Rompido has an wondrous five-star hotel with everything on site; segregate wisely.


Do you want to take your own clubs?

If you’ve overly learnt to drive, you’ll remember the transition from your instructor’s car to your own. Despite passing, your car feels unfamiliar and perhaps you might stall it once or twice in the first couple of weeks, which is normal.

That’s the same concept as using someone else’s or hiring clubs on a golf holiday, that stall could be a shank, and worse still it could be on the first tee. While it can sometimes be cheaper to rent clubs, taking your own is our advice, expressly if you’re having a wager with your mates.

Book a long-haul golf holiday with us and our preferred partner, British Airways, and get free club carriage when you fly.


How to get to the golf courses?

You’ve finally landed at your destination, your luggage was placid without any hassle and you’re now ready for your golf holiday.

But how will you get to your hotel?

This is flipside 50:50 visualization for you to make and one that, once again, will probably depend on a few things.


How many golfers are there?


How many courses are you playing?


How far yonder is the airport?


Are you well-appointed driving in that country?


Decide on after-golf activities or outings

Unless you segregate one of our unlimited golf packages, you will come wideness self-ruling time on your trip, some of which is probably unaccounted for.

Many of you will hit the waterfront or sunbathe by the pool, but most golfing regions offer much increasingly yonder from the fairways.

When planning activities, be conscious of your group and understand that not every worriedness will be a prod pleaser, expressly if the month of golfers vary.

In the evening, perhaps go for dinner and then drinks, so if anyone wants to tail off and be fresh for the morning tee time, they can.

Lastly, weigh up if you unquestionably need to go seeking bars and activities; golf resorts virtually the world are rhadamanthine so wide and are increasingly like little villages, expressly those in Turkey.


Our Golf Travel Experts can help with all of the whilom so just requite them a call.

Call 0800 043 6644

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