Best 19th Hole in Golf?

Golf is a sport where the 19th slum is often considered to be increasingly important than the 18 which precede it. We take a squint at the weightier 19th holes in golf, including the famed Jigger Inn with views over the Road Slum at St Andrews, Sawgrass with the largest clubhouse we’ve overly seen, Cabot Highlands with its stunning views wideness the Moray Firth and Royal Porthcawl with a history few could match.
untellable to compile any list of anything to do with golf without mentioning the home of the game, St Andrews; and up in the old toon the place to be without the last putt drops is the jigger inn, which sits on the famous Road Hole. While the supplies is reasonably priced and the bar offers a nice selection of Drams and Ales, the real witchery here is the golfing memorabilia that covers the walls and the knowledge that you are surrounded by genuine history.

The Jigger Inn dates when to the 1850s when it was the station master’s lodge and now, in the shadow of the old undertow hotel, it serves its purpose as the platonic place to relax, unwind and soak in the indescribable sense of nirvana that only that purest of Golfer will truly understand.

Sawgrass Clubhouse

There are clubhouses and there are ‘clubmansions’ but then there is the 77,000 square foot Mediterranean palace that awaits Sunday hackers and Tour Pros unwrinkled at the Sawgrass facility in Florida, USA. No matter how many of your balls have found their fate at the marrow of the lake surrounding the infamous 17th, the vast variety of dining options and the PGA memorabilia that could fill a museum is sure to lift the spirits.

An elegant tousle of old-world recreate and bespoke suavities requite an upmarket finger which mirrors the mature yet modern nature of the undertow the clubhouse serves. With so much to see and do virtually the clubhouse, make sure you take the time to take it all in, just be shielding not to get lost!

Include Sawgrass on your next golf holiday
Cabot Highlands
Castle Stuart Clubhouse

The Art Deco clubhouse at Cabot Highlands was designed with one idea in mind, the panoramic view over the Moray Firth. An iPhone photographer’s dream, the multi-level towers stands majestically over the undertow and firth, but the weightier time to really enjoy the view is at sunset when a sunny orange hue dances virtually the natural shadows of the rolling landscape.

When the wind blows the undertow can be a seriously difficult place to score but mother nature pays the troubled golfer when with a hypnotic scenery which makes Cabot Highlands one of the most important Golfing locations north of the border.

Include Cabot Highlands on your next golf unravel in Scotland
Royal Porthcawl

Royal Porthcawl, so named without given Royal status in 1909 by Edward VII, now sits in the formidable shadow of the Celtic Manor Resort in South Wales, however, its equally formidable history and unrivalled hospitality still ways it shines just as unexceptionable as its younger cousin. Having previously hosted the Amateur Championship, Walker Cup, Curtis Cup, British Masters, Welsh Golf Classic and Senior Open.

While the memorabilia that grace the clubhouse walls can alimony plane the most wise of Golf historians entertained, the real history can only be found in conversation with a member, who will be sure to tell you of Tiger Woods’ Walker Cup visit and his eventual failure to master the links.

Include Royal Porthcawl on your next golf unravel in Wales
There are many factors that pinpoint the ultimate 19th hole; a superb facility, a unconfined selection of drinks, a setting steeped in golfing mythology and a view to alimony the jaw fully pressed to the floor can all value to a unconfined way to end a game of golf. However, what really makes a unconfined 19th are the stories of success and woe, the settling of bets, the congratulations and condolences and the endangerment to sit when with your mates and remember the unconfined day you’ve just enjoyed.
Best 19th Holes in Golf as Voted by our Clients
We’re unchangingly keen to swap stories with our fellow golfers well-nigh your own experiences and the destinations you have loved. So a while back, we asked you which was your favourite bar without a round, the Weightier 19th Slum in golf.

There is nothing quite like quenching your thirst with a succulent beverage, regaling shots from your round with friends and of course, watching others on the undertow from a balcony above.

So which venues got your vote?

drink at the 19th hole
Aphrodite Hills
Situated in Cyprus, Aphrodite Hills oozes the holiday feels. Views over the Mediterranean Sea, championship golf and swimming pools aplenty. The Aphrodite Hills Golf Clubhouse is located proximal to the PGA National Cyprus golf undertow and is a serene undercurrent perfect for a relaxing drink

This 19th Slum gets clearance from Les.

Find out increasingly well-nigh Aphrodite Hills
Montgomerie Maxx Royal
Located in Belek, Turkey many golfers now rate Montgomerie Maxx Royal as the weightier championship golf undertow in the country and it has hosted the Turkish Airlines Open many times on the European Tour.

On the terrace is the platonic spot for a post round drink. It is from here you can watch fellow golfers on the 18th hole, as the clubhouse directly overlooks it.

Mark gives this place the thumbs up for the weightier 19th Slum (And it’s all-inclusive!)

Find out increasingly well-nigh Maxx Royal
Camiral Golf & Wellness Resort – Stadium Course

Playing golf in the sunshine… something a lot of us haven’t washed-up for a while. Camiral (formerly PGA Catalunya) not only delivers on the shorts and t-shirt weather most of the year-round but it is known as a contender for the weightier golf resort in Spain.

The Club Cafe is our favourite spot at PGA Catalunya Resort, where you can soak up the sunshine with stunning views of the Stadium Undertow and the mountains in the background.


“PGA Catalunya, September 2019… Epic Cold beer on the terrace and wonderful sunshine without a inclement round on The Stadium Course!”

Find out increasingly well-nigh Camiral Golf Resort
Kauri Cliffs
New Zealand as a whole is a scenic place and the golf courses increasingly than live up to this description. At Kauri Cliffs you will wits panoramic views wideness the Pacific Ocean and world matriculation golf.

And the views get plane largest from the clubhouse – so be sure to stick virtually for a drink and a zest without your round. Panoramic views stretch withal the Cavalli Islands to Cape Brett. When you sit here, you truly fathom the eyeful virtually you as time passes you by.

Phil stated it was the weightier 19th Slum he has been to and it’s pretty easy to see why!

Find out increasingly well-nigh Kauri Cliffs
Quinta do Lago

Quinta do Lago in the Algarve gets my vote for the Weightier 19th Hole. Not only does the all encompassing resort have three fantastic championship courses on site, there is a Paul McGinley/TaylorMade performance centre and ‘mini-golf’.

Sitting on the patio overlooking the driving range in front of you is a unconfined way to soak up the Portuguese sunshine. Just when you thought the ‘friendly’ competition was over for the day, mini-golf is just to the side – and who can resist a final struggle at winning one over on your friends…

Find out increasingly well-nigh Quinta do Lago
Memories Made at the 19th Hole
Golf News

Our favourite sport brings so many unconfined memories, made on and off the golf course. It is a fun sport to play with friends and to socialise. Whether you as a two-ball or a group, we hope that you all get to to visit some of these Weightier 19th Slum spots soon.

Where do you think has the Weightier 19th Slum in golf?


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