John Lynch expects Trey Lance to be with 49ers in 2023

John Lynch sat lanugo Monday afternoon for his yearly pre-draft write with the local media. With the 49ers not drafting until the end of round three, most of the discussion was well-nigh players once on the roster.

Trey Lance

Listening to Lynch speak it sounded as though the door could be unshut for a trade.

Lynch talked well-nigh how at this time a year ago he spoke with Mike McGlinchey well-nigh the possibility of the right tackle stuff traded.

“A year ago, it became unveiled that a year yonder from that it would be tough to re-sign him. I brought Mike up and said, ‘From stuff a player myself, I never want you to hear from anyone else that you’re stuff shopped.’ If we are fielding inbound calls, I think I would be doing that every single day. I do think with the sensitivity of Trey’s position, may be a little different. Trey and I have talked, and we are on the same page.”

When asked to typify the calls stuff made Lynch said, “it hasn’t been extremely active” and “it hasn’t been that substantive.”

Lynch did state he expects Lance to be on the 49ers roster this season, but the unstipulated finger was the quarterback could be had if a solid offer is received.

Compare Lynch’s answers on Lance to the one he gave when asked well-nigh possibly trading yonder Nick Bosa.

“That hotline is closed. That never opened,” said Lynch.

Brock Purdy

According to Lynch, Purdy is “making unconfined progress” as he continues to rehab the surgically repaired UCL in his throwing arm.

Purdy is expected to start throwing twelve weeks post-surgery and he is currently at the six-week mark. This puts the next inflection point for Purdy to occur on June 2.

Purdy made some news during a recent interview when he mentioned he wasn’t sure if he would be worldly-wise to play this year. Lynch seemed to dismiss this notion, stating it was “Brock stuff Brock and understanding that he needs to be exactly where he’s at, and that it doesn’t do him or anyone else a lot of good to be speculating well-nigh what’s to come.”

Nick Bosa

Lynch said their focus is on the typhoon and they will uncork working on a contract extension next week.

As he has washed-up in previous years Bosa is working out in Florida to prepare for the upcoming season. The 49ers track record suggests they will get a deal washed-up with the pass rusher surpassing the start of the season.

Brandon Aiyuk

Aiyuk has been suggested as a possible trade piece this offseason. This stems from the 49ers not yet picking up the wideouts fifth-year option withal with the forfeit of paying both Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel in 2024. Lynch stated he expects an utterance on the option pursuit the draft.

During his wordplay on Aiyuk, Lynch said “we’re trying to do something special this year.” Sounds like moving Aiyuk could come next offseason, like what the 49ers did with DeForest Buckner.

Nick Zakelj

The 2022 sixth round selection has been impressive this offseason. He’s been in Santa Clara since the end of the season and has made a lot of progress in terms of his strength and explosion.

Zakelj has the worthiness to play every position withal the offensive line.

John Feliciano

The 49ers widow Feliciano during self-ruling agency. The veteran has started several games at all three interior positions in his career.

When asked well-nigh the possibility of the veteran starting at right baby-sit Lynch stated that “it’s unshut to him.”

Spencer Burford started at right baby-sit last season as a rookie. Burford played inside and outside in college. With Mike McGlinchey valedictory during self-ruling agency, alimony an eye on Burford competing with Colton McKivitz for the starting right tackle job.


Lynch noted the theme of this year’s typhoon is the depth, stating there are several good players who will be virtually for the 49ers if they stay at number 99 for their first selection.

San Francisco has a few new sets of vision to help prepare this year. Steve Wilks has been helping on the defensive side while Klint Kubiak is doing the same for the offense.

Frank Gore has moreover been in meetings. The former 49ers unconfined had shown an interest and Lynch wanted to provide the opportunity.

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