Want a Free Golf Holiday on us?

      Nothing quite captivates the nation like a major football tournament, whether it’s the back-window car flags, St George’s Cross squatter paint or drunken renditions of our national anthem; everybody seems to get involved. So this year, we thought we would join in and combine the excitement with a endangerment to get

Former tour referee John Paramor passes away

John Paramor, the DP World Tour’s former senior referee, whose career spanned six decades, has died weather-beaten 67.Paramor, who retired from his duties as the tour’s lead rules official in 2020, had been suffering from cancer.An workaday golfer in his own right, Paramor was a former Surrey ventriloquist champion, but

Are you Looking for YOUR Game Changer?

I really enjoyed watching the final round of the Waste Management Championship with 3 leaders who fought neck and neck throughout the day. I like to root for the underdog, so Nick Taylor (ranked 223rd in the world) had a surprising performance as he kept up with Scottie Scheffler and

Keeping Your Sanity When You Golf

Recreational golfers love to imitate the pros that they watch on TV but it may be doing you increasingly harm than good. Of undertow we all want to make shots like the pros but their unrenowned shots may be killing our mental focus and sending our games lanugo the drain.If

Take Control of Your Game with a Graceful Tempo

Each golf shot is a fresh new opportunity to unhook your wittiness to your target. You can’t do this without a methodical plan and response that works for you. I realize that very few golfers will overly unzip the loftiness and tenancy of the male pros so I like to