20 Best Cliff Top Golf Holes to play in 2023

The game of golf has managed to reap some pretty impressive real manor throughout the centuries. Whether it is a manicured pine forest, exposed sand dune or stunning cliff whet some golf courses not only offer a unconfined opportunity to whack a golf wittiness virtually but moreover provide some rather

Definitive Guide to Morocco Golf Holidays

A golf holiday in Morocco will whisk the golfer into a rainbow of raucous colours and enlightening Islamic culture. It is one of the most popular destinations withal the North African Coast, with virtually guaranteed sunshine. Home to some of the latest championship courses from well-known designers, high-quality hotels and plenty

How to qualify for the Masters – Updated for 2023

It is every golfer’s dream to one day put on a untried jacket. What isn’t well-spoken to some is how to qualify for the Masters. Who decides who plays and who doesn’t? This tournament has been going on since 1934 and has unchangingly made places misogynist for top amateurs from

Northern France Must Play Golf Courses

If you’re thinking well-nigh organising a golf holiday, a trip to France could be exactly the unravel you are looking for. Check out our Two Must-Play Courses in Northern France for some holiday inspiration. Why Northern France for a Golf Break? Short Travel Times Do you prefer train journeys or driving the car,

How to Play Golf on ‘Holiday’

Playing Golf on the “This Is Not a Golf Holiday” HolidayI’m going to let you in on a little secret, golfers. It’s unquestionably very easy to get your non-golfer loved ones to commit to a golf holiday. It’s all well-nigh marketing. And, although we’ll see right through it, if we

Non Golfer Survival Guide to Golf

      It’s a tough job stuff the only non-golfer in an office where polo shirts and slacks are considered ‘workday-to-course’ merchantry formal, and you spend your life fearful of getting hit by someone dangerously shadow swinging in a corridor. But as golf uptake rises, increasingly and increasingly of us everyday folk